Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A Most Beautiful Morning

Boka Tov:

I was awake @ 5 a.m.

Who could sleep?
So I got up, said the Modeh Ani ( blessing for rising) went through the morning routinue and made coffee. I am feeling sleepy, so coffee will have to wait.

Mark's plane arrives tonight and I am so excited.

It will be so nice to have im home.

Though we won't be home.

"I am taking you away!" Is Mark's warcry and I have never known him to break a promise.

My body is quickly recovering from PT yesterday. My therapist has changed my treatment plan. Since I am back to all my daily routinues, the two needful things is: 1. getting me back to speedwalking.

2. dance.

I have returned to the morning walk. And it feels so good :) I just need to pick it up.

I have returned to dance with small movemants. But I not only to be back up to performance strenght, but able to teach for hours without cramping or pain. Right now I can talk one throught the steps, but that isn't a tutored is paid for. To tutor dance, one must dance.

And dance I will.

We are working on balance and strenghtening the hips and leg muscles an my core. My Therapist said for daily life I am in good shape, for what I wish to do, I am @ 70%.

I want that 30%.

I visualize myself in my hebrew garb, dancing. It is what got me through the PT.

I think I shall live.

As Lauren said, this is difficult, a true challenge, but this program will meet my goals.

No pain, no gain.

Past the ice cream.
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