Monday, 25 January 2010


Boka Tov:
This morning it is cold. Waiting for the fireplace to kick in. I was going to take a picture of the sunrise, but it is bitter cold out there.
But then this is Montana and it is winter time. So hot coffee and blogging.
Last night, Uncle Jim made Venison streaks. He blended the spices in such a way that each bite had a different, but awesome taste. We had streamed mixed veggies to go with them.
Today Jaylene and i are going into Butte. While there, I will pick up a few boxes. One is to mail Mark's quilt and a few things home. The second, I am mailing a Carepackage from here. This way the family can add letters and cards to the box for him.
Mark would love that.

Mark is loving his new duty station. Twice the work and already he sees the good he is doing. But it long hours. He now calls just before his day starts and I'm preparing for bed. Which is good.
Because I can go to sleep with his voice still in my ears.
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