Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Dialing Down

Laili Tov:
Well, it is my second day here in Montana and already, I feel my emotions dialing down.
Yesterday, Aunt Michael, Jaylene and I hung out.
Today, was a nice quiet day. I have gone through the material for Mark's quilt and will start on that in a day or two.
It is a nice, slow pace of life. No rushing or hurrys. And I am truly enjoying getting to know the wolves. And they are getting to know me..
I needed this down time, this peace. this quiet. And to have my toes licked by wolves.
And no, they are not tasting me.
Mark flew out today for his new post, so it will be  few days before I hear from him. He is doing well, very busy and still enjoying his work.
It is easier to deal with my emotions these past few days, feeling peace returning to my soul.
But I still miss my guy.
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