Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Did I Mention It is Cold?

Lailia Tov;
Well, it is another cold day here in Montana.
But then again, this is Montana.
So, today we are doing laudry,enjoying coffee, and watch tv.
Believe it or not I have neve seen The Nanny.
Now I am hooked. But I have to admit; the sexual tension between Fran Fine and Maxwell Sheffield was driving me nuts. I knew they married and had twins, but it was the reaching of  its inevitable fairy-tale ending that was having me pulling at my braids. So I went on YouTube and watched  the last two seasons, including the wedding and the birth of the twins. Honestly, I liked the last two seasons better; seeing Fran and Maxwell get together, seeing these two create a life togther and even Nile and C.C. get married and start their own family.
But then, I am an romantic.
Plus it gave me the laugh I needed.
Uncle Jim downloaded the Tanach onto my laptop this afternoon, both in Hebrew and english. Pretty cool. It shall make my study to Torah and Hebrew easier.
This evening I will work on Mark's carepackage.
I can almost see his face when he sees that it is from Montana.
How I wish I could see his face now.
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