Thursday, 28 January 2010

It's Snowing in Afghanistan

The house from the street. It's builded into the side of Pole Mountain.

I spoke to Mark last night.
He was so excited; it is snowing in Afghanistan. Yesterday they had six to eight inches. Since it was about 7 am when I spoke to Mark, his day was just beginning. He said that the sky was steel gray, which met they could get even more snow.
And why is snow so important?
It is a huge water supply in the Spring when it melts and slows down the activity of the Talian.
Mark continues to enjoy his work and says he is getting a lot done. He also likes the people he works with.
Afterwards,  I spend the evening watching CSI with the family and working on Mark's quilt.
Today we are calling Miss Bonnie so I can visit the wonderful gift shop I'd heard so much about. Doing some quilting and then finishing Mark's box.
I also plan to mail some of my things home. This will lighten my luggae somewhat.
I go home in a few days.
As much as I miss my home, I shall be very sad to leave.
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