Friday, 15 January 2010

The Sun Slowly Rises

Boker Tov;
It is  nine am and the sun is finally up and out.
Like everything, the sun takes her sweet time rising and shining.
Yes Marty, it is cold. And I have already visited the Starbucks here. Today I hope to get pictures. Amoung my Hannuakkah gifts was a pair of army boots. They come in quite handy here.
Today, Jaylene (my sister/cousin) and I are going to Butte. This time I plan to take my trusty cameria. It is so beautiful and quiet here. I actually saw a little boy playing for a few minutes last night.
Last night we ordered pizza from Leaning Tower, and the pizza was awesome. Highly recommended.
Mark hasn't been transferred yet: it's looking like Sunday. But I am able to speak to him almost nightly.
Snow is expected this weekend, so it is a good time for doing some quilting.

There moments I feel guilty missing my beloved, given what is happening in Haiti. We are praying for the people, given donation and waiting word for friends we have there. This is one of the things that we as a nation do best; support other countries in their time of need. It is one of our strengths.
G-d bless and have mercy upon the people of Haiti.
G-d bless the rescuse workers, medical staff and others in Haiti as they You work through their hands.
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