Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Snow in the Morning: Sun in The Afternoon

This morning we awoke to a grey morning, looking like snow.
A few hours later, as I was speaking to Mark, Aunt Michael called out that it was indeed snowing.
This is one of the pictures I took this morning.
It was such a peaceful scene. The wolves had theirs faces up at the falling white stuff.

Today, Jay and I are going to make wheat bread. It's good weather for homemade bread and will go great with the chicken soup I made last night.

Mark has arrived @ his new duty station. He's been there for a few days. He sounded so tired, but ready to dig into his new assignment. He's been sick for a few days; he says he is just run down and a good night's sleep will do him good.
His timing was perfect, for I am beginning to have the Deployment Blues. It is that depression that hits mid-way through the spouse's tour. And being here with family helps greatly. Aunt Michael and Uncle Jim keep me both busy and laughing. But they also encouge me to talk about me feelings and even encurage me to cry: a woman's tears are prayers G-d both understands and answers.
I cried this morning; and my beloved called.
His first words; Hey Beloved, how's my heart?"
How can you not love a guy like this?
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