Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Shalom From Montana

Shalom everyone;
Well I finally made.

Mark made the arrangements and last Sunday morning I flew out to Montana.
First, let me begin with: I don't like traveling.
From Norfolk to New York wasn't so bad, and my hips did ok.
It was from New York to Denver that did me in.
From, one has to walk about 2 miles from upstirs, downstairs, wait for the A or B bur to take you to the other building. Then, it is upstairs and annother mile walk to your airline (my was untied) Once again, I had to take off my sneakers, take the laptop out and have my head papped down (since I cover my hair for religious reasons, I had to be to a small section and checked for bombs, weapons and such), then another 2 mile hike to the gate. One to learn 15 minutes before boarding that the gate was changed and one has to hurry to the new gate.
The flight from New York to Denver was the hardest, not just because it was over two hours long, but just the pain in my hips. I am so thankful I didn't have any leg cramps. Funny, I never sleep on airplanes, but this time I did and it helped.
In Denver I learned that it was 14 outside in Helena, Montana.
Good thing I wore my fur hat.
The flight from Denver to Helena was a short one, but I was ready for it to be over. I was tired. I was sore. I was hungry. And I was starting to get excited about seeing my family.
I will get a picture of the Montana Airport when I go home, but let's just say, you know your out West.
Uncle Jim met me at the Airport: I saw him just as I got off the plane, so I knew where he was.
I recieved that wonderful bear hug from Uncle Jim; yes my daughter is home, feel.
He have some stew waiting for me (I knew he would).
At one point he stopped the car and rolled down the windows.
A truck went pass and then.....silence.
I haven't silence in a very long time. The air is cold and yet crisp and clean. The sky black velvet and once could touch the stars.
The snow, pure white and clean, the moonlights shining upon the deer prints.
Uncle Jim told me as we drove home the stress of Mark being gone was on my face. It was his hope that he and the family could help ease it.
I believe with G-d's help, with G-d Himself, it will.
Mark called later, making sure I got in.
He said he feels better now that I am in Montana, knowing that I shall not only rest, but get spoiled.
Like I'm not spoiled already.
Pictures forth coming.
Love from Montana :)
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