Thursday, 28 January 2010


Lailia Tov:
Bonnie's shop is being remodeled, so a visit to Sticks and Stones is out for this trip. So I am going to work some on Mark's quilt before I box it up and made it home.
Aunt Michael made a beautiful red, white and blue sweater that she gave me and I shall wear it with pride. In a few hours, I will finish the boxing I'm mailing to Virginia and Afghanistan.
I went on Facebook this morning to see what my friends were up to and of course it was full of the State of the Union speech.
I didn't stay on long.
I have made no secret that I am not a Mr. Obama supporter and his first year in office has done nothing to change my opinion.
Frankly, I am tired of hearing Mr.Obama whining about the past eight years; it's time to man up and do the job he was voted into office for.
I am sick and tired of the fighting on both sides. Both the Dems and the GOP need to stop the school yard fighting and get to work righting our nation. It took more than eight years to create this mess and it is going to take all hands on deck to right this ship (my step-dad was in the Navy)
That is why the TeaParty exist; because many of us are sick of what our leaders, ALL OF THEM are doing to this nation.
And yes, I do support the TeaParty.
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