Saturday, 2 January 2010

The First Shabbat of a New Year

The Great Snow Fall of Dec 2009
Lailia Tov;
Well it is the second day of the new year and the first shabbat.
It has been a quiet day; I spoke to my mum and Mark called. We got to talk for over an hour.
He is preparing to head for a new duty station.: he is so good at his job that he is now the Civil Affairs Officer not just his unit, but of the Battlement. While it means he won't be in the field as much, he wil actually be able to do far more to improve the lives of the people of Afghanistan, touching more lives, making more changes.
He flys out in a few days, so I will recieve a new adress to send mail and CarePackages.
Betty: Mark asked your forgivness for not writing back, he has been very busy, but once he gets to his new post, a letter to you and Koda is on the way.
I didn't have my cell phone with me Thrusday, but this would have been a picture to make Marty proud.
There is at our local Starbucks a very good-loooking guy. I mean the type that makes an old woman pray to be young again. Long, raven-black hair, beautiful blue eyes, moon shape face and a smile that could charm  a bear into giving up its honey jar. And what makes it even better, he doesn't know he is so fine.
But Mark has nothing to worry about. But if I wasn't married.....
Anyway, I first met him at a student concert a friend of my was conducting. A very nice, gentleman.
A full time student, during the summer, he works at our StarBucks. Well on this Thrusday afternoon, this sixty something lady decided to make a play for our 30 something Server. And I mean she wasn't taking no for an answer.
How I wish I had brought my cell phone to capture how the cougar lost her prey.
It was home charging.
My guess the lady was lonely and thankful that someone took the time to listen.
We are need that.
Well, it is down right cold tonight and I am making hot chocolate.
Hope all is well with you.
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