Friday, 25 December 2009

Blessings To All

Lailia Tov;
First, Happy Christmas to all my friends and family who celebrate this day.
Yesterday morning I arrived at Hope Haven, the place my mum calls home.
I was told they had been waiting for me since 7am :)
My room was ready, including a nice basket filled with goodies, a few gifts and bottled water. The bathroom nice and tidy and sweet. There is even a sitting room for me to write, read or use my laptop.
Last night after supper we watched "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, " which is a wonderful, funny movie I highly recommend. Henry Winker at his best.
This morning after breakfast, I moved my mother's gift bag (a huge garage bag) of gifts into the other room. Mummie likes to open a gift a day and it is going to take about a month to go through them. Then we watched The Diary of an Mad Black Woman. I had never seen this movie and it is a stitch! But is also it is a story about the power of forgivness, forgiving those who hurt us and ourselves for allowing ourselves to live without joy or love in our lives. That hurting people hurt others and even that person we think could or would ever change, can.
A powerful message that crosses all lines.
Later I got to speak to my sister, two nieces and two nephews.
Then during my nap, Mark called, so my day is made.
He did recieve his two Carepackages. Because of the change of command, he hasn't gone through all of the boxes, but he hopes to in the morning.
Betty, Mark told me to tell you, thank you for your letters. He loves hearing about what is happening in your neck in the world and about his buddy Koda. Your letters mean so much to him.
And to me. For I know how much his spirits are lifted by letters from home.
It's almost supper time and mummie will be waking from her nap soon.
Hope each of you are having a happy, healthly, loving holiday.
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