Sunday, 20 December 2009

Tears in The Hot Chocolate.

Boka Tov;
Last evening I briefly spoke to a friend.
They were alone, decorating their tree. The person they loved was nowhere to be found. No phone calls, nothing.
My friend was sad, hurting.
What could I say? My pain was different. I was alone for my holidays, though my beloved called as he could.
And then I remembered I still kindled the lights of Hanukkah, so I told my friend: "remember the reason your decorating the tree."
My friend told me late I was right and a change came over them.
It snowed last night. And I was angry.
I hate snow. Having growth up in New York and Boston, I really have no use for the white stuff.
 And my Mark who loves snow and would have been outside  with his face to the sky catching snowflakes with his tongue was not here to enjoy it.
I made a cup of hot chocolate and wanted to cry.
We forget that during this holiday season that there are others who are alone, who are hurting. I think of the family of Oral Roberts who have just buried their father, grandfather,and great-grandfather. Of Michael Jackson's children. Say what you will about the man. Michael was raised a Jehovah's Witness and did not celebrate Christmas as a child (JWs don't celebrate Christmas) but it was known he made it magical for his children. There are three children without their dad and maybe without the holiday.
There are families who have gone through separations due to divorce, death, deportment,  jail or illness.
For me, as wonderful as my Christmas were as a child, there was horror that with them as well: family drunken partys and fights. My deadly ill at six months old and my father chosing this time of the year to leave and never return.
For many, this time of the year is a painful one. In our celebrations, let us remember to reach out and include the lonely amoung us. To remember them in our prayers.
Every time a church group or family comes to visit the assisted living home my mum lives in, she calls to tell me about their visit. How cute the children are. The beautiful music they performed. The gifts they brought. Sometimes the group even brings and serve a special holiday meal. While my mum isn't lonely, there are others who live there with no family. This year, I will be staying with my mum for a few days and enjoy the company of "seasoned folk" as my mum would say.
Today I am trying a new recipe of pumpkin Spcied cookies. And if they turn out as well as I think they shall, I am sharing them with my upstairs neighors along with a cup of hot chocolate with peppermint shavings.
Think I'll take some to my mum's place as well.
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