Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Mummie's Mouse

Lailia Tov:
For the last week there has been a war raging.
Between woman and mouse.
For there is now in my mum's room a mouse.
She first heard it last Monday morning and then saw it at bedtime.
One of the CNA's put down a trap with some peanut butter.
It turns out the mouse doesn't like peanut butter.
So a few days later, the same CNA tried lining the trap with cheese.
Cheese didn't catch his attention either.
It was decided at that point it was a Margerat Mouse. It just liked the peace and quiet of her room.
That's nice. Only problem is: Mummie hate mice.
Mummie and an CNA went through her room with a fine tooth comb to find out what was drawing this mouse.
A plastic mat, used for storing puzzles. Mummie hadn't used it in years. That was what the mouse was drawn to.
So the big guns were drawn in and posion laced food was laid out. This will cause the mouse to get thristy and drive it out into the fields.
We hope.
Anyway, I await to here the latest on the mouse saga.
I have this feeling if the posion doesn't work, Mummie is going after it with her cane.
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