Monday, 21 December 2009

Mark Update and Stew Night

Lailia Tov;
It has been a busy day.
It isn't as chilly as it was yesterday and made for a rather nice walk to the post office to drop off Mark's CarePackage. Of course the line was going into the lobby, but hey, it is the holiday season.
I stopped oat the store because I needed sugar cubes.
I know it sounds insane, but I grew up using sugar cubes in coffee and tea and still do so. I even have sugar tongs for the cubes.
One lump or two?
I then decided that since tonight is the beginning of Winter (Winter Solistic) I would make a pot of Moroccan Lamb, Beef stew. It is a hearty meat stew made of browned beef and lamb (cubed of course) wonderful Moroccan spices, carrots, onions, fennel, leeks, and sweet pototoes. I  start with a base of soup bones and seasonings, letting that come to a boil and then add the browned meat. I then allow the meat to cook for atleast 45 minutes as I then saute the root veggies in alittle olive oil (not butter because it is a meat dish) before adding the root veggies. This way the meat cooks and seasons the both, and the veggies don't get soggy.
I hate soggy veggies.
Of course the house smells heavenly within a few hours. And since it is going to be a big pot, I shall freeze some.
All of this keeps my mind off the fact that Mark hasn't called.
He did fly out to another part of Afghanistan with other Jewish soldiers to celebrate Hanuakkah. He was suppose to get a flight back to base Thrusday, but it was cancelled.
Mark called Friday to say he did have a flight Saturday morning. And that is the last I heard from him.
Given the fact he is the only Civil Affairs officer in his unit, once he returned, has been quite busy with work and will call when he can.
I just hope it is soon.
It is hard not hearing my beloved's voice.
That and my faith is what keeps me going.
Anyway, time to grab a nap before I start supper.
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.
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