Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A Reel Quiet House

Boka Tov;
I'm not sure if I meant it yesterday, but when I awoke, I found my voice was gone.
I had the flu shot last week and been a little achy since.
Then, some time yesterday afternoon the phone went out.
So it has been rather quiet in the Reel House.
So all I manage to do was pay the rent yesterday.
This morning, the phone is back on and I sound like Minnie Mouse.
I'm sure Mark will get a giggle out of that.
So with energy back, I am back to getting ready for my tea for Hanukkah.
To answer your question, Betty, we have a wondeful kosher section at the Market and I am going to ask the gentleman who manages it if he has any geese or if he could order one from New Jeresy.
I have invivted several folks and even plan to invite my neighors.
I just hope my gingerbread house turns out ok.
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