Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Boka Tov:
I am feeling so much better. In fact, I only awoke once with a cough. Cleared out the junk from my throat and wnet back to sleep.
So this is the third morning I actually awoke refreshed and it feels so good.

It is a good morning and so much to be done. Getting over the flu, I am wise enough to take it bit by bit. The evergreen ceterpiece my sister-in-law still fills the air and while we don't celebrate Christmas, I am going to get some more greens for the house.
It just smells good.
But I do have to clean my room. Get the smell of medication and Vicks out.
I am going to make that Hanukkah Gingerbread house after all. I think my little niece will like it. I also need to do other baking and get it off in the mail. And of course get another Carepackage off to Mark.
I found a tiny Herb Garden for Mark. This way he will have something green to grow and even leave behind for the soldiers after him.
Some life and colour in a grey place.
So off to get my coffee.And who knows, I might even get to work on my photo blog.
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