Thursday, 31 December 2009


Laili Tov;
Well in a few hours it is going to be a new year; 2010.
Since we celebrated the Jewish New Year, 5770, tonight for us is just more a time for partying, family gathering and fun than reflection.
Did that three months ago.
I spoke to Mark this afternoon. He is very busy since there was a change of command right after Christmas. He is now covering two provinces in his area as the lone Civil Affairs Offier.
Since explains why I haven't heard from him in three days.
But he has now recieved all three of his carepackages; the one I mailed last Tuesady arrived today.
Over the weekend, I will go shopping for the things he has asked for. I feel better knowing the mail is now moving better and faster since the holidays are almost over.
Everyone is in a rush to get to 2010.
I'm not.
One thing having a husband deployed has taught me is enjoy the moment. Don't rush through life. That's why so many folks suffer from stress; rush, rush, rush!
It isn't 2010 and already Valentine cards, candy, etc are filling the selves. What happen to the month of Januray. How about enjoying each day that leads to Valentine's Day?
Though I can go ahead make Mark a special sweetheart package...but couldn't have waited until the middle of the month instead of right now?
Maybe it is me, but I don't wish to look back over my life and wonder where the time went because I went from project to project, holiday to holiday, this job to that job, without enjoying the sights, scents, sensations, taste of the moments, the minutes and hours that were in between.
There is a song I love, Joy in the Jounery.
May you find Joy in all the moments of 2010.
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