Thursday, 17 December 2009

Catching Up On My Reading

Boka Tov:
Well I finally got my rasberry Jelly doughnut. I am enjoying it with a cup of coffee, using one og the coffee mugs that was a gift from Betty and Koda.
So what's up with the jelly doughnut?
Doughnuts are amoug the foods we enjoy during Hanukkah. The doughnut because it is cooked in oil, reminding us of the oil that lasted for eight days. The jelly is to remind us of the sweetness of the Holy Days.
Since I am pretty much over the flu, I can enjoy the foods of the season.
So this morning I had a rasberry jelly doughnut with Egg Nog creamer in my coffee.
Talk about sugar overload.
This morning I am catching up on my blog readings.
Oh I have missed my friends. So many are decorted for the holidays. I had planned to do the same for Hanukkah, but got sick. So there is next year.
I like reading my blog with a cup of coffee. Of course, after the accident several months ago when I spilleed my coffee all over my laptop, I keep the cup faaaaar from the laptop. But reading my friends blogs is like having a cup of coffee with my friends, catching up on what it going on in their lives.
Yesterday, I began cleaning the house. I hate the smell of Lysol, but out it came just the same.
I remember as a child, when my sister and I had recovered from a cold or the flu, mummie would wash the house down with Lysol, raging war on those gems. How we hated that smell!
But when I opened the Lysol bottle yesterday, ahhhh! It was quite welcome. I opened the back door and dinningroom window to let fresh air in and then washed down the kitchen and bath. I made a solution of Laysol (8 part water, 2 part Lysol) in a spray bottle so that I can spray down both rooms every day.
This morning I awoke with sunlight pouring in the bedroom and the air fresh.
Today I pick up the dinningroom and the front room. I am expecting company today and it will be fun.
So until later, make it a good one.
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