Monday, 28 December 2009

I Even Won a Game

Lailia Tov;
Well, I;m home.
And I miss my mother already.
I remember waking up this morning and having a cup of coffee.
Once again, alone. For I had gotten use to having the dark brew with my mother the past several days.
We had a wonderful time. We played Scramble. I even won a game.
Mummie was so proud of me.
So, you, as many of you have already figured out, I have a sevre form of dyslexia. How often I'd to come back and do a rewrite; correct a sentence, fix a mispelled word (or is it misspelled) etc. From time to time Marty gets me to giggle over my 'bowel of chicken soup', :)
Mummie said that she could see I have been working on my spelling (I have) and she was qite impressed. We played three games, I won one and she said I made her work hard for those two wins.
We also watched movies.
I can now say I am nolonger the only woman of colour who has never seem the movie, The Diary of A Mad Black Woman. It is such a good movie. Not just laugher, but the power of forgivness, the ablity to start over and making the choice not to allow yourself to become bitter.
I can see why the critics hated the movie: Tyler Perry's faith shoved throughout the film, yet it didn't slap you across the head.
Everyone I spoke to loved it and I plan to buy it so when Mark comes home we can watch it together.
I so enjoyed the peace and rest I had at Mummie's. But now it is time for me to return to my own world, my own life.
And I think the down time I'd had the past four days, I can do just that.
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