Saturday, 5 December 2009

Shabbath From the News

Lailia Tov:
It is a cold, raining evening here. It has been all day.
Great sleeping weather.
Since the cold snap last week, my hips have been aching and the doctor put me on a small dosage of Valim. It also helps me sleep at night.
I have started doing small stretches again, refusing to give into the fear of pain once again.
I also plan to do some rearranging of the apartment. I need to get a few space heaters in here. While the Boiler heats this apartent for the most part nicely, it does take on a chill at times.
After all, the building is over one hundred years old.
So I need to rearrange two rooms for two welcome additions. Mum reel has two that look like fireplaces and I like the look.

I am taking a break from the News, even Fox.
I find myself increasing sicken by what passes as news these days. The latest of course is Tiger Woods. Instead of allowing him and his wife to work out there problems in private, every hour there is more 'breaking news.'
Well, being kosher, I don't allow swine in my home and I will nolonger allow it to air in my home. I refuse to feed at the feeding troughs known as CNN, MSBCN, Fox, etc.
With the exception of Mick Huckabee.
The daily newspaper is enough and I can wrap fish in it when done.
Both my mum and mum-in-law would say it is about time
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