Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Early to Bed

Lailia Tov;
First, thanks to all who left comments. Love and hugs to each of you.
Beth, so good to see your smile again :)
It has been a busy few days.
I am planning to go and visit my mum this weekend. The assisted living home has my room ready and already wanting to know what my favorite dishes are.
I have a feeling I am going to come home more spoiled than I already am.
I'm done two loads of laundry and about to pack my overnight bag, making sure the charger to the cellphone is included.
I did make make the pumkin spice cookies and they came out better than I thought. I dropped some off at the Drugstore (they always ask about Mark and deliever my medication) a very nice saleslady at a store I like to visit (she shared them with the staff) the video shop where I rent my movies (the Pug loves the cookies) and my former Phyical Therapist who told me I looked great when I walked in the door and before she saw the tin of cookies.
So now I am preparing hot coco with peppermint shavings to have before I crawl into bed, hoping Mark calls before I fall asleep.
I realize today that I have been feeling rather overwhelemed....
No sooner than Mark was in Afghanistan I came down with the flu.
Right after that the Nor'easter and the drama that went with that.
Then I had the swine flu shot and came down with the swine flu during the holidays.
All the while I have been trying to get my house back in order and create a role for myself while Mark is gone.
Sick, Blackout, no heat or water. Sick again. Holidays.
No wonder I don't wish to get out of bed in the morning...
So getting away is good for me. To be with my mum, play scramble and get my butt kicked, giggling over cookies and hot coco and watch the Christmas Carol.
Next week, I am planning a day at the Spa.
Time to be good to me.
Mark would agree.
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