Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Enemy Camp???

Lailia Tov;

Like many Americans I stayed up to listen to Mr.Obama's speak. Of course, I made a small pot of coffee before he came on the Telly.
Even the coffee couldn't keep me from yawning.
And I don't feel bad, seeing bored Cadets and even a few nodding off.
I am sorry: the Speech was a huge yawn and inspired only our enemies.
I liked it to telling the school yard bully, I coming at you with eveything I got, but I only have ten minutes to devote to this fight.
And then Chris Matthews wonders why Mr.Obama chose to give this speech in the enemy camp.
WestPoint is now the enemy camp? I listened to the video three times to give the guy the benfit of the doubt. 
Yep, he said.
 Another good reason to keep my TV on Fox.
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