Sunday, 6 December 2009

It's Beginning to Look Like Hanukkah

Boka Tov:
I see the sun!
Was beginning to forget what it looked like.
Today I begin to prepare for Hanukkah. I decided since Mark isn't here to keep it lowkey, but still enjoy the holy day.
There is a lovely poem I hear years ago called 'A Cup of Christmas Tea.' It is about a man who recieves a letter from his great-aunt, invivting him to come visit her for a cup of Christmas tea.
I heard it again on the radio last week and decided to do the same, but instead have a Hanukkah tea. Bake Haunkkah cookies and serve the teas of the season, which would almond and apple. I love almond tea, haven't it in years. I have a recipe for almond cookies as well and of course Hanukkah cookie cutters.
I also saw a pattern for a Hanukkah Giingerbread house and going to give that a go as well.
I just need to find a kosher goose and I'm all set.
Last week I was looking forward to Hanukkah with dread. My beloved isn't here.
But this week, I am looking forward to this season of miracles, of joy. Remembering Hanukkahs past with a smile and know my beloved and I shall share this time together in spirit.
Next year, G-d willing, we will be together.
But this year we shall share a cup of Hanukkah tea.
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