Monday, 1 February 2010

Down From the Mountain.

Boker Tov;
It has been a busy few days.
Friday, Jaylene needed to go to the dentist, so Angela and I (she's married to Jaylene' brother Carson) hung out together. Uncle Jim loan me his massger the other evening when I had a muscle cramp and told me where I could get it (Walmart of course)
So that is where we headed, as well as picking up a few things for Aunt Michael. Then we picked up supper and Jaylene.
Afterwards, I got to meet Mark's Aunt Jane and family. Aunt Michael, Aunt Jane and Dad Reel are what is left of the Reel siblings.
Aunt Jane is the youngest and the most like dad Reel. Cousin Kim and Mark grew up together so it was a joy to meet her and her family as well.
I love being part of this family. Not perfect to be sure, a very loving, caring family.
It is hard to find ones own space in this group: I had to take a walk in the snow. But really, I do love being part of this wonderful family I married to. While we were gone, my mum called the house and spoke to Aunt Michael. She called to warn me I was leaving snow and flying into snow.
Oh goody.

Saturday was a day of mixed feelings. It was nice and quiet since the guys had fire fighting training and we girls got to sleep in late. But it was also my last day with the fmaily.
I called Dad Reel to let him know that there was a change in my itinerary a few days ago and learned they had recieved eight inches of snow and it was still falling.
Which meant I had to take a cab home.

So, early Sunday morning we were off to Helena for the Airport. I confess, I hated leaving. The love, support and frankly peace I found here was exactly what my soul needed. I needed to be able to openly speak out my fears, to get hugs when I was low and Uncle Jim making me laugh when I started to slide into a depression. To play with the wolves and even walk through a tiny town in the snow.

I arrived in Norfolk about 7pm last night. But what took so long was waiting for the luggage and waiting for a cab. The airport had about 30 cabs running and it was a matter of just waiting your turn. What made me (and others) angry was there was a group of soldiers arriving for a brief stop before heading off to Fort Bragg, including gear. There was a van cab that pulled up and the Secuity Guard offered the cab to the soldiers. No one had a problem with that. But the cab driver refused to take them. Her excuse: they weren't first in line. She tried to side step the Guard and get other folks into her cab, but to everyone's credit, they refused. No one else had a problem with the soldiers going first and it wasn't them insisting for special favortie, but the Guard who wanted to keep the group together.
 The police had to be called in and finally she took three of the soldiers and their gear and the other three followed in another cab.
After two hours, I finally made it home to my nice, very warm apartment. After letting everyone know I was home and safe, I made a cup of tea and headed off to my own bed.
Next my entry, pictures.
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