Thursday, 11 November 2010

Coffe and Torah

I am sitting here in my new sitting room, waiting for the heat to come on.
It is one of the reasons we are looking for a house; because our landlord, despite how much we pay in rent, doesn't care about the people who rents his apartments. So it doesn't matter if we are cold; that's what space heaters and sweaters are for. So what the hot water takes twenty minutes to heat up? There's a lot you can do while your waiting for the hot water.
So we have stopped complaining and started looking at homes.
The first was nice, but not really us.
But half the fun is looking. And we are having fun looking.

In our home, breakfast, lunch, supper and tea time, we discuss Torah. It's just how we roll here.
The word Torah means more than "law." It means, teachings, commandments, the Word of G-d. It is the way of life for the g-dly. So if you ever sit at our meal table, you will find yourself listening to and hopefully join in, the bible discussion.
Questions are always welcome. And you don't even have to believe.
Mark and I are good for a laugh.
But I love these times with Mark. We come together and discuss what we have studied. Whether it is the Torah portion of the week or a subject we are interested in, we like to talk about, share and yes, sometimes even debate what we have learned. Often, "I haven't thought about that...." in uttered and out comes the bibles.
Of course we are careful not to spill coffee on the Scriptures.
But it isn't just Mark and I. How often we get together with friends and discussion of Torah comes forth. It is a teaching time for young and old alike. Ah the insights little ones bring.
I often feel that the Holy One is not only in the mist of such gatherings, but smiling and enjoying Himself as well.
I have heard it said the highest form of worship isn't singing or dancing, even raising of hands, but the study of Torah.
And don't forget the coffee.
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