Friday, 26 November 2010

Thanksgiving in Williamburg Part 4

It is our second day, third evening here in Williamburg and we are having a blast.
The lobby of our hotel.
This morning, durnig breakfast, the manager came over to our table. He had seen our names and wnated to welcome us personaly. Since we have been coming to the Holiday Inn Williamsburg since it opened four years ago, the kind folks here do not only remember us, but roll out the red carpet.
Jeff (the manager) asked if everything was alright.
I said my only complaim was we couldn't get a king size bed as we usually do. All those rooms were booked.
Well, Jeff asked us to give him a few minutes.
When he came back, Jeff had made arrangements to have our things moved to another room.
We got an upgrade. All we had to do was pack our stuff.
So we went out and did our shopping, came back and found that the move had taken place. Jeff himself made sure the move went smoothly, oversaw the moving of our things and the setting up of our room. We even found our little traveling buddings placed on our bed.

For those who are history buffs, next to Plymouth Plantation, Williamsburg is one place you should add to visit during the Thanksgiving season.

Williamburg Virginia is the the world’s largest living history museum. The restored 18th-century capital of Britain’s largest, wealthiest, and most populous outpost of empire in the New World. Here is interpret the origins of the idea of America, conceived decades before the American Revolution. The Colonial Williamsburg story of a revolutionary city tells how diverse peoples, having different and sometimes conflicting ambitions, evolved into a society that valued liberty and equality. Americans cherish these values as a birthright, even when their promise remains unfulfilled.

In Colonial Williamsburg’s 301-acre Historic Area stand hundreds of restored, reconstructed, and historically furnished buildings. Costumed interpreters tell the stories of the men and women of the 18th-century city—black, white, and native American, slave, indentured, and free—and the challenges they faced. In this historic place, we help the future learn from the past.
Here the values that made us and kept are remembered and even celelbrated.
While much isn't known about Jews here in Williamburg (right now), we have been encourged that there were a few here and their lives are beginning to unfold as well.

Today we brought new jeans and sweaters. K-Mart wasn't that busy. And tonight we are heading for Busch Gardens. Tonight starts their Christmas Town,
We're hoping to pick up some things for Hanukkah.
Hey, ya never know.
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