Sunday, 14 November 2010

Shabbat Begins Today

Boker Tov
(Good Morning)
This is the first day of the week.
In a Hewbric home, The Holy One, The Torah and the Holy Days are the center of ther home. For in each is the reflection, the essence of G-d Himself.
For the study of Torah is the highest form of worship: we sit at His feet and hear His voice and are taught His word. We can feel His smile,  His look of correction and His hugs of comfort and delight. For like any good Father, G-d loves spending time with His children.
The Holy Days, Shabbat and the various feasts, are Torah acted out, lived out. We remember what G-d has done, is doing and will do in our lives. It is time to gather with family and friends, with the Holy One Himself and teach our children Torah and pass onto our faith. It is a time of joy and celebration.
And that is why so much attention is given to the home. This is why the wife's role as homemaker is celebrated, for it is she who prepares the home, the temple on earth, for those holy times.
Yes, I know it is 2010, not 1960.
In 70 C.E. when the Temple was destroyed, the temple was brought into the home, saving our faith.
 The heart of Judiam is in the home and not the Synagogue.

The table is the altar, where the kiddish (blessing) over the wine and challah is given and torah is taught. It is here that prayer begins in the morning and ends in the evening. The hebrew home is the house of prayer and study.
And thrus why Shabbat , in our home, begins today.
Today I look at our Shabbat clothes and make sure they are ready for Friday night. If they need to be washed, a buttom replaced or a hem that needs to be repaired.
The menorahs and candlesticks are cleaned and polished, fresh candles are placed. I send out the invivations for shabbat supper and in the afternoon, enjoy my husband.
It sounds like a lot of work, but as I go about my chores, as the scent of almond  oil polish fills my head and and our home, I think about how I am cleaning the House of G-d, that it is pleasing it is to Him and my beloved. I feel Heaven come down and fill our home.
Yes, I know it is 2010, not 1960. Women aren't chained to their stoves or the nursey. We can be CEO's and Senates. Queens and rock stars. Choir directors, archor women and doctors.
Even rabbis.
And then there are women like me, who raise them to become CEOs. Wo makes the challah that the queen enjoys and who's roast lamb the rabbi wants the recipe from.
Hmmmm roast lamb sounds good for shabbat supper this week.

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