Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Shalom David

Yesterday, our friend david had a doctor's visit. While there is still concer about his heart and there is more test planned, the doctor said David was well enough to return to work.

We had decided three weeks ago that David didn't need us and was able to return to his home. It was decided that after his doctor released him, David would go back to his apartment.
So today, after Mark dropped me off for PT, he took David back to his apartment.
Given the fact that the doctors didn't even expect him to be alive at this moment, it is a true miracle that he is back home.
He still has a way to go to get his life back, but it is our hope that his church will at least now step in and take care of one of their own.
For they haven't been there up until now. Which is quite sad and a poor witness to what they claim to believe. Yes, there were several that were there for David, to help Mark and I. But a church of over 2,000 folk and pastors who didn't even darken our door to pray for the man. There are no excuses. None that we shall accept.
By their fruits you shall know them?
This has been the struggle Mark and I have faced these four months.
Our conclusion: that not every who claims to be a Believer is one. Not everyone practices what they preach. And while it is easy to say, "thy shall not judge," the fruit we have seen have been sorry and wanting.
And the things said about Mark and I were often unkind.
But judgement belongs to G-d.
I know in our hearts we have done what our G-d would have wished. David had he felt the love of G-d in our care for him.
That means so much, His family too, have expressed how grateful that we were able to step in where they could not.
To G-d be the Glory. The mistakes were ours alone.
So we send David forth with our love and prayers. He is so looking forward to what G-d has for him.
But he also said he is going to miss us.
We miss him already.
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