Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Here We Go Again

So Sunday, I had this sense of "having done this before."
I had actually. Twice.
It was that time again: preparation for an Colonoscopy.
Roubd three.
But my doctor had trailored my prep to make things just a little easier.
I had
 read a few months ago a suggestion that four days before your colonoscopy, you should begin to eat light; fresh fruit and veggies, more water, mint tea, etc. This begins to cleanse the colon. My prep Sunday included mixing a bottle of Miralax into 64 ounces of gatorade and taking my time drinking it. And while I did have nausea and chills, I did not become as ill as before.
This time, thanks be to G-d, I was clear out and the colonoscopy was proformed. However, I was awake and the medication did not put me under, so it was not a fun time. My doctor said next time she will use general.
Next time?
But the the scopy stopped because of some coiling that acted as a block, which means an x-ray, However, the doctor wa pleased because we finally able to do this test and find out once and for all why my iron count is so low.
Afterwards, Mark took me out for lunch and then I came home a nice, long nap.
Finally, sleep! And without having to run to the water closet every twenty minutes.
But the tummy is still sore. This will take a few days to work out.
So with this behind us, it is time to think about Thanksgiving and Hannakkah.
I need to get in touch with a friend to fget names of Jewish soldiers to send CarePackages to.
We are also planning of going to Williamburg for Thanksgiving.
With everything we have gone through this summer into the autumn, it would be nice to get away and enjoy some time together.
So what about David?
That's the next entry.
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