Monday, 15 November 2010


Boker Tov:

Mark is still sleep as I enjoy a cup of coffee.
Poor guy is finally winding down and getting some well needed rest.
With David gone, the tenison is gone and our bodies are slowly releasing the tenison that has builded over the last four months.
Having another person in the house and a sick person at that, takes a lot of a couple. Emotionly as well as spirituality.
Now it is our time. To pour back into each other as we move on with our lives.
The start is allowing Mark to sleep in.
Usually we are up for prayer. But this morning, I felt my beloved needed to sleep in, knowing that G-d will minister to Him right in his sleep.
There is nothing pressing today.
So I shall finish my coffee and put on one of the new walking suits Mark brought me  (yes, there is a story) and go for a walk.
Maybe Mark will be up when I get back.
Or maybe not.
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