Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Time To Break Out the Sweaters

Well, it is another cold night here in Virginia.
Tomorrow we shop for space heaters along with house hunting.
It seems that there is a running battle between the maanger of our apartment building and the Plumber. The Plumber thinks that until it hits around 30, the heat doesn't need to be adjusted.
He doesn't live in this apartment.
We  have lived here five years.
There will not be a sixth. And frankly the owner of the building doesn't care. As long as he can find folk to rent his aapartments, fine.
Not ones to continue filing complains when they fall on deaf ears, it it indeed time to move.

Today Mark and i went and found my wrting desk. It is large enough to house my laptop as well as pens, pencils and other fun stuff.
I promise I would surface every now and then.
However, this has created a bigger desk since I wasn't delievery so soon.
The deliever guys made it to our apartment before we did.
So, having made room for the desk and chair, it is time tobring some order back into my chamber.
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