Monday, 1 November 2010

November One: Cold

Winter is still a month away but already Mark and i have pulled out the sweathers and blankets. It is the first day of November here in Virginia.
And it is cold.
I am in my new room. Mark calls its, "my lady chambers." This afternoon Mark is taking me shopping for a desk and asmall lamp. And then I shall take pictures. But frankly, even with tapes and books littered about that need to set in their places, the room is beautiful. We found some nutmeg coloured curtians to separte the chamber from the rest of the house. But the curtians cast a soft rose hue over the livingroom. We had no idea how the white on one side and the rusty rose on the other side would give the livingroom such an enchanting beauty: something from another time. Think Arabian Nights with a TV set.
While Mark loves the look, he is having a hard time adjusting to me drawing the curtians for those times I need to be alone. I remind him he has the same thing in the Dinnningroom.
He said he was just so use to seeing about that it was odd that I would actully draw away from him (except for something like a nap).
We have worked things out: he sees that I need a place to call my own. That I wouldn't "hide the day away." and for the most part the curtian will be open. If the curtian is open and I am in the room, it's ok to speak to me. The only time I draw the curtian is for prayer, study and/or just a quiet moment.
I can his point: I know I felt the same way when Mark set up his office when we first moved into this apartment. He too needed his place to think, but also to study for a class or write a report for is CO. Or spend time with G-d.
We all need a special place; whether it is a place at a park or beach or one we create in our home.

Like I said, it is chilly today. So after my afternoon walk, I am making a beef stew for supper. Along with Lemon Zinger tea. Both Mark and David like tea in the evening. We even have a cupp before bedtime.
I think while we are shopping for my desk, I better get a couple pairs of socks.
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