Thursday, 25 November 2010

Thankgiving in Williamburg: Part 3

 This is the Holiday Hotel and Suites in Williamburg, Virginia. Whenever we plan a trip to Williamsburg, this is where we stay. The service and the food is awesome. Just a few minutes drive from anywhere you wish to visit.
This days has always been special to me. Mainly because it was a special day for our family. The Prude family always made Thanksgiving an grand affair. The morning would begin with going to church to give thanks. Lots of good, traditionial food. Lots of laugher and fun. Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving and other holiday specals.
But over the years, After much study and discussion, both Mark and I tend to go low key on this day.
The Feast of the L-rd, Shabbat,  Passover, Shavort, Rosh HaShanna, Yom Kipper (which is really a Fast Day) and Sukkot are all Thanks Giving Days. Thanks we gather with family and friends and rejoice in the good gift we have been blessed with.

 So today my sister, who lives in Boston, will continue the tradition: her husband Frank, their children and grandchildren will gatheraround the table  the foods our family has always enjoyed.
Mummie is sharing the day with her very special family where she lives.
And Mark and I? 
We are going to Williamsburg.

There is a chill in the air in Williamsburg.. But the day is a sunny and as I knew it would be, aflames with reds, oranges, browns and golds.
And people. Families with kids riding thier bikes. Dogs enjoying Colonial Williamburg as much as their families.
Mark took my hand and kissed it.
We are going to have a blast.
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