Thursday, 11 November 2010

Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran's Day, a day that we as a nation take time ti thank those who serve or have served our nation in the armied forces.
Recently, I read a blog entry about the military, The writer felt that our servicemen and women are not heroes, but murders, that there is no good reason for our nation to kill anyone who is different than us. that ours wars aren't the result of attacks upon our land, our people or way of life, but that our g-dlike need to force our will on others, the grabbing of land and theie resources and even wiping out those who beliefs are different than ours.
Well, that person has a right to their belief, though I disagree with thier findings and conclusions.

Every nation, every people has the right to live in peace and freedom, to deterine their own fate. Every nation has the right to defend theemselves. And if it wasn't for those willing to serve and protect our nation, one can only guess what we would look like.
Or if American would exist.
We as amercians have the honour to live in the greatest nation. There are people from all over the world who wish to become critzens and enjoy the freedoms we have. As many have seen written here before: we are not a perfect people, but we are a good people."
And the fact that we have men and women, fresh from highschool and after a twenty year career in another field, chosing to put on the umiform and enlist. To protect all that we hold dear.
Even the right to call american heroes, murders.
I come from a long line of such heroes. I would love to have gone into the AirForce. But my sight was too poor to pass the eye test.
So I support our armed forces the best way I and and now as a soldier's wife, I stand beside him and we serve together.
I say thank you to you all who have served this country. Those who have risked their lives and those who gave theirs.
G-d bless you all.
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