Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Life of Thanksgiving

This week, our nation will stop to give thanks for her blessings as a nation, as a people.
Thanksgiving Day meets many things to many people. For many it is a day off; a meal of turkey and all the trimmings, football and maybe some shopping.
Others it is day of attending a Thanksgiving Service, having family and friends over to celebrate and give thanks for all their blessings.
And others, it is a day to remember when our people group came, robbed them of their life, took advantage of their kindness and killed off whole tribes of people. It is a day of mourning.
And then there are those that it is just another day.
For me, as a Hebrew woman, I found that each of the Feast of the L-rd are all Feast of thanks giving, for remembering all G-d has done for us, to teach our children and say thank you.
So Thanksgiving's isn't just one day out of the year.
This year, with everything we have gone through,  I have found that each day is a day of Thanks. One of our sages, the Baal Shem Tov (Master of the Good Name) had a habit of daily writing one hundred things he is thankful for.
And it isn't easy as it may sound. As I adopted this practice, I found myself thankful for the littlest things.
Like having a laptop so I fulfil my dream of writing. I am thankful for each of my online friends; who knew people one meets over the Internet could mean so much? I am thankful the laundry-mat where we wash our clothes. Thankful for the rugs on the floor that keeps the house warm.
I am thankful to have a home to live in, to still have our car, that Mark as a job and Monti is still happy and healthy. I am thankful my mother will come later to visit us in our new home.
A Day of giving thanks is great. But one thing this year has taught me is to be thankful daily. To live a life of thanks giving.
That's why I chose to post the picture above.
This lovely new bride, stops to pray, to give thanks, to Thank G-d that He has allowed her to reach this season in her life, to grow to be a woman and enter the Huppah and marriage. I thought about how I too stopped the day of my wedding to pray, to give thanks for the joy of this day, of entering marriage and the wonderful gift of Mark.
A life of Thanksgiving.
Not a bad idea.
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