Tuesday, 13 November 2012

I Watch My Soldier Sleep

I watch you sleep.
thankful I have you by side another night.
But I also know a letter, that letter,
could come tomorrow, taking you from my side.
The danger is real; your nation calls.
And as much as you love me, you will answer the call,
leaving my side, our bed.
 I will let you go. Trust me, I don't want to!
But I will, for we have a job to do. For as you fight for freedom,
I will pray. I will bake the cookies for your Care Package, I will write the letters,
I will stay up after midnight, waiting for your five minute call.
Praying for you and for all who serve, praying for you to return to my side.
To our bed.
In the corner of the room I see your boots. Boots that have taken you to Iraq and Afghanistan.
Boot that have brought you back to me.
I think of your fatigues draped over a chair. You are so handsome in them; my heart swells with pride when I see you all "soldier out."
But tonight, I am just thankful that all I have to do is wash them, not watch as you dress, and  your boots carry you away from my side.
Your leaving. It is the price I pay for loving a soldier, A price I am happy to pay.
For when I am held in your arms, all my fears and worries melt away, all is left is love
Right now, I look upon your sleeping face.
 My soldier, my hero, my love.
I watch you sleep, thanking G-d for giving us another day together.
Another night of love.
I touch your hair and pray, that the letter,
that letter, never comes.
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