Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Mazol Tov, Mr.Obama

Last night, around ten, when I headed off for bed, I knew in my heart, Mr.Obama would win the election.
Mr.Romney fought a good fight, but in the end, the amercian people chose the sitting President.
Mazol Tov. Mr.Obama.
Just as I have prayed for you the past four years, I shall continue to pray for you and your family the next four years.
Now, it is the time my fellow amercians, no matter your gender, skin colour or religion to roll up our sleeves and begin the work to rebuild this nation, to begin the healing progress.
And I am hopeful, because Mr.Obama thanked the Romney family, going back to George Romney for their public service to this nation. A rich family that, instead of jetting all around the world and enjoying their wealth, decided to enter into public service.
So, now it is a new day, a new beginning.
And it is time for my coffee.
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