Sunday, 4 November 2012

Settling In

Well, two week ago tomorrow, the Reels have moved into their new home.

While it looks small, it is rather large inside. But most important, this is now our home for at least the next six months. I should have pictures up in a few days.
It has been a busy few weeks since we've moved.
First, the day we were suppose to move was cancelled because one of the mover's had thrown his back out. So, it the move was set for the next day. This gave me an extra day to pack, which was needed because we still had half a house to pack.
The next morning, a friend came, the plan to help me clean the apartment. However, we ended up packing up until the movers came later in the afternoon. Mark and another friend who had a truck, had been going back and forth with some things.
Around one that afternoon, four guys from the church to move the big stuff. However, due to another commitment, the movers could give us only an hour and a half. Which left us still with half of  an apartment filled with our things.
Thankfully, one of the deacon's came back with his truck and a trailer attached to it, so we were back in business.
So with the stops and starts, we were finally moved in our new home around 1 am.
While our things are still on the trailer, the past two weeks have been trying to get everything setup.
The living room, dinning room and bathroom are pretty much finished and now onto the bedroom. Because we had eight days to pack AND move, many of the boxes weren't well labelled and in some cases, some things just got thrown into boxes. We are pretty much down to maybe ten boxes. All in our bedroom.
I am really hoping to get it in order this week.
And in the mist of all of this of course, we had Hurricane Sandy blow through and I developed an abscess tooth that turned into a raging infection, with me looking like I should be seeing with Alvin.
And little Monti? He is having a blast. A huge backyard that he loves to explore, two news friends; our room-mate Chris and a four legged buddy by the name of Jose.
We are now going into three week of our new home. I feel like I can now take more time to sit, truly enjoy a cup of coffee and once I find Monti's sweater, we can return to our morning walks.
That sweater has got to be in one of those boxes.
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