Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Happy Veteran's Day

Yesterday was Veteran's Day. Because we were still busy moving into our new home, I haven't been on for a few days.
The above picture is entitled, Coming Home, from Thomas Kincaid. Mark gave me this picture just before he left on his third deployment. We haven't had a chance to hang the picture in our new home yet.
The story behind this picture is of a soldier returning home. It could be World War I or World War II. The Koran war, Nam or the war in Iraq.
This soldier could be coming home from his first or last deployment. He could coming home to retire after a long career.
Or, because of the Light, he could have paid the highest price and on his Home to Heaven.
In the Reel home, Veteran's Day is a major holiday, because both Mark and I have family member who have served and even today, don a military uniform, protecting the freedoms we still enjoy.
Last night, taking a break from the unpacking, Mark and I went out to supper at Golden Coral.
Golden Coral was offering a free meal for all who service men and women, both active duty and Veterans.

Knowing that the free meal was for the service person only, someone gave Mark some money to "treat his lovely bride,"
So, second time in a week, we had a date night, getting some needed down time.
We had to wait in line for about twenty to get in. But the weather was nice and being surrounded by so many of this nation's finest was amazing.
No pushing or shoving, no cutting in line or people getting upset over the long line. Just families thankful for a night out, seeing their loved ones being honoured for their service.
As we left, one retired gentlemen shook my hand and thanked me for my service.
I smiled and pointed to Mark, "Thank him, he's the soldier,'
Without missing a beat, the older man asked; "is this many your husband?"
"Yes sir."
"Then thank YOU for your service. He can't do his job without you."
Mark wrapped his arm around me and said; "Thank you sir, I have been trying to tell her that for years."

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