Saturday, 17 November 2012

Rest: The Meaning of Shabbat

Shabbath; Rest. To do nothing but enjoy G-d, Torah, good food, family and friends.
A new week has begun. Tomorrow laundry has to be done, more boxes unpacked. Taking Monti to the Doggie Park to visit his friends. Mark prepares for another week of work and I start on a new writing project. Preparing for my mother's visit later in the week.
But today was Shabbath. The Day of rest.
No, this isn't a Jewish thing, but G-d's gift to Mankind. We call it an island of time; where for twenty-four hours, we step out of this world and join G-d's.
Today I had to make my beloved rest. He has been on the go so much, he just couldn't slow down! And that isn't good for anyone.
I made my husband stay sleep in. When we finally got up, we enjoyed coffee and doughnuts in bed, talking, laughing and playing with Monti. And Monti was so happy to have Mark home! Little M followed big M around the house, making sure daddy didn't get out of his sight.
Watching my beloved asleep in my arms, his body void of stress or tension.
This is the true meaning off Shabbath, Not doing.
Just being.
Resting in the arms of loved one. Resting in the arms of G-d.
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