Monday, 5 November 2012

A New Week


I have so much to share with you, my friends. And yet my days remain busy, it cuts into my writing.
I like busy days. I like seeing things come together, to see a room I am decorating become a work of art and I can stand back and go, "ahhhh!"
Yesterday, we took a break from unpacking and went to see my mother. She was so happy to see us and of course little Monti.
Monti loves to go and visit his 'grandmother." She even allows Monti to kiss her on the nose. It's so cute. He gets to sit on the pillow she has set out just for him and after they catch up on their news, Monti lays down on his pillow and goes to sleep.
Mark shared about his job, I updated about how the house was coming along, and mummie share about how her week was.
She is so excited about coming to share Thanksgiving with us this year. Because there are only two steps that lead into the house, mummie can manage that, so she will be coming over a lot to visit.
Thanksgiving in Williamsburge is out this year. But we might be able to go in December, if only for one day.
I am happy to report that I was able to unpack two big boxes in the bedroom, leaving about six more to go. I am hopeful to get knock those last six down in a day or two.
As I look back on things, I am truly thankful for this new, fresh start. The street we live on is a quiet one, even though there is a mini-mall right across the street. No trucks running back and forth. The air in the house is so much cleaner, fresher. No film of dust coating everything and everywhere. We even sleep through the night. Even Monti is happy; he has a huge backyard to play in.
Mark is happy as well. He loves his job; he now comes home tired, but happy. His boss is pleased with his work and he likes the people he works for. The stress lines that were upon his face are now gone. He sleeps so much better. Monti and I even get to see him at lunch time, since Mark comes home to share the noon meal with us.
It is a new week. It has been chilly these past several days, so I need to make Monti a sweater for our daily walks. Both Monti and I are ready to explore our neighbourhood, see what new adventures we will we shall encounter.
That is of course, after I have my coffee.
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