Friday, 16 November 2012

One Month

It has been one month since our lives changed.
It still feels like yesterday that we moved in and Mark started his new job.
And yet, at the same time, it feels as if we have lived in this house for years.
The feeling of the house is truly family; me, Mark and our roommate Chris, along with the furry babies, Monti and Peanut.
More about Peanut later.
It is clear that G-d has knitted our hearts together. Chris, who is going through a new beginning as well, is more like a younger brother than a roomie.
Peanut and Monti are still working through their relationship.
And me? It is so nice being the lady of the house, having a nice big kitchen to cook in and once Mark cleans the stove, bake in.
This is Mark with Jose and Monti. Jose and Monti were the best of friends. But Jose didn't like men and began growling at Mark and snapping at his owner, Chris. So, sadly, Jose had to be re homed.
A few days later, came Peanut:
Peanut is a 16 or 17 year old Beagle who's owner was moving out of state and couldn't take Big Girl with her. And she is truly a big girl, but like Monti, very loving. However, both Peanut and Monti are use to being The Dog of the house, so they are not exactly great friends.
At least Monti doesn't try to push Peanut off my lap.
We are still unpacking and packing, trying to find places to put stuff. There are days I am ready to just throw everything into the trash.
And then I remember the goodness of G-d and change my mind.
One month ago, Mark did not have a job and we were facing eviction.
One month later, we are now living in a house we are renting for less than we rented our former apartment with everything included. Mark has a job he loves and this evening he will come home with his second paycheck and will be able to pay our rent.
How good He is. How faithful.
Just today I was encouting the deeds and miracles He has performed, the love He continues to pour into our lives.
How easy it is take such blessings for granted.
That is why I believe keeping a journal is so important. To remind ourselves what He has done. This is the purpose of the various Feast of the L-rd; to remember, to recall, to celebrate.
For all my readers who are still looking for work, for are in of a movement of G-d in your life. He did it for us and He will do it for you. He has brought us through the fire and the storm, and we have come through intact, not even smelling of smoke.
Hold onto His unchanging Hand.
I haven't.
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