Monday, 26 November 2012

Count Down to Hanukkah

Yes, that's Monti at the wheel. No, he isn't braving the holiday shoppers, but on our way to Starbucks.
Whenever we get into the car, Monti heads for the driver's side and reaches for the steering wheel. One of these days, I expect to see him actually driving our car.
Well, it's Monday and a new week.
Time to start preparing for Hanukkah, which begins this Saturday evening.
Since Mar gets paid this week, we will be able to buy the makings of all the Hanukkah goodies; the soft scent of olive oil burning in the oil lamps. Latkes and fried chicken; home-made apple sauce and jelly doughnuts. Eight nights of bright lights and family fun.
We will once again tell the Hanukkah story; a story of religious freedom and the salvation of a people, the Hebrew People.
As I told Chris (our roommate); "if it wasn't for Hanukkah, there would have been no christmas."
This will be Chris's first Hanukkah and he is looking forward to it.
And so are we.

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