Monday, 25 June 2012

The Blessing Of a Little Dog

Thanks be to G-d for the healing of Monti. With tears I thank each one of you for your good thoughts and prayers for our little guy; he is almost his own self.
We first notice the upswing at the Animal Hosptail when Monti tried to be a little too friendly with a cute little poodle.
Later, he slept through the whole night, the first time in a week.
Then yesterday afternoon, Mark, Monti and I went to the PeTa Dog Park. The Bea Arthur Dog Park is named after the later actress, known for her love of animals and support of PeTa.
Though it is a 1 acre park, the Bea Arthur Dog Park is a taste of doggie heaven for our furry babies. There is a park within the park, known as the Ben Arthur Park for little dogs.The parking free.  There are water stations, a toy bin, and even swimming with ramp access to the Elizabeth River.

There is a nice, shaded pinic  area for vistors.
As you can see, Monti is enjoying the shade.
Lilic bush.
I also love the fact that the park is well gated and away from the street. PeTa does have a WebCam, for security. The park is closed Mondays and Tuesdays to care for the park. Monti wasn't too friendly, but then he has been sick. But from the big smile on his face, we knew he had a great time.
After the family nap, I took Monti into the livingroom and it was then it happen.
Monti started chasing Mark, then Mark ran after Monti.
Tail up and wagging, Monti started barking. We haven't him bark in two weeks.
Monti then went for his stuffed monkee George and ran away from Mark, with Mark right behind him.
It was a beautiful sight.
I began to cry. Silly. I know.
I sat there in the livingroom, giving thanks to G-d for healing my dog. Silly. I know.
The Holy One, Blessed be He loves us, all of us, His children, His creation. Includling little dogs.
The night before I cried out in tears for Monti, begging He heal our little guy.
And in His great mercy He did. I also know He worked through the prayers of others, through the medication given, through the Vet.
And if The Creator loves a little papillon, how much more does He loves us?
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