Wednesday, 13 June 2012

For the past week we have been dealing with a very sick pup.
Our little Monti, so happy and bouncy, has been anything but. Sleeping all day, hiding in the coat closet, not wanting to be touched, we couldn't figure out what was going on with him.
Worse, Monti stopped eating and drinking or going the bathroom.
Saturday, I began putting a little sugar in his water and Monti began to drink. I also began feeling him fresh, puree pumpkin and baby rice cereal. This he would eat. But nothing else.
Because of the lack of money, we just haven't been able to take Montaque to the Vets. All I could do is pray for some sort of miracle.
Yesterday, I found a nearby Animal hospital that gave free first time visit examines.
Thank you, Abba!
We set out first thing this morning for the Independence Veterinary Hospital.
It is a small, but very sweet looking building, comfortable.  Friendly. Monti, who had been anxious, suddenly calmed down. Doctor Smith was in surgery all morning, so we had to come back later in the afternoon.
Because Monti has been up all night the past several days, Mark made me stay home to take a nap.
It seems that our little Boo has a major urinary tract infection. The medication that we have been using to treat the small tumour in his mouth actually kicked up an raging UTI. This accounts for his not wanting to eat, play, walk and would affect his bowls.
So Monti is off that medication and once we get the money, we will start the medication treatment. The doctor says for his age, Monti is in very good health, but we do have to switch to a diet that is more suited for his age.
This evening, Mark made supper, including boiled chicken for Montaque. And he ate some of it! Then he ate a little of the special food Dr. Smith send home.
Praise G-d, our little guy is on the mend.

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