Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Seven Years and A RootBeer Float

On this day, seven years ago, I married my best friend, the one whom my soul loves. It has been an amazing seven years. With all the ups and downs, I wouldn't trade one moment for all the gold in the world.
I remember as Mark took me into his arms and we began our first dance, Mark told me: "our life together will be one long honeymoon, filled with fun and adventure...."
And he didn't lie. In the seven years we have been married, there has never been an dull moment.
And yet there is no other man I would wish to spend the rest of my life with. I cannot imagine any man loving me more than Mark. The sweetness of his love. No, Mark isn't perfect. But he is perfect for me.
We have faced two deployments, a miscarriage, unemployment for almost two years and a sick dog. But we have also laughed together, cried together. We have hosted Thankgiving Dinners, Shabbat and High Holy Day Feasts together in our home. We have had the joy in helping the planning of other friends weddings, preparing meals for the sick and most recently, the retraining of a 13 year papillon with a mind of his own.
It has been an amazing seven years.
Each year, unless Mark was deployed, we always return to Williamsburg, Virginia, where we began our honeymoon.
Today, we can't even afford a cupcake.
But this evening I did find a way to celebrate our seven years.
Last Friday afternoon, Mark shared with me a special memory.
When he was little, living in Montana with Uncle Jim and Aunt Michael, his uncle would take his to the local Drug Store for a A&M RootBeer float as a treat. It was a special time between them. I could see the far away look as he was lost in memory; a little blonde haird tyke enjoying a large glass of a sweet treat with his uncle.
So, going into my piggy bank, I brought vanilla ice cream and a tall bottle of A&M RootBeer.
After our supper of salomen and green beans, made Mark a rootbeer float.

I told Mark, "this is the only gift I can gift you right now,"
He kissed my hand, "it's the perfect gift."
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