Sunday, 3 June 2012

A Day at Barkely Gardens

Beautiful weather. Nice and sunny. And cooler thanks to the Tornado that flew our neighbourhood last Friday night.
One of the blessings we have here in Ghent is a Doggie Park, better known as Barkely Gardens.

Yeah, I know, the Park has gone to the dogs....

It is well kept, plenty of water dishes and balls for our four legged friends. There is a place where you can grab a bag and take of Boo-Boo's little packages and toss them away in a nearby trash can. 
The park is fenced in and gated. It's open during rain or snow. And closes every three months or so to reseed the ground.

As you can see, Monti enjoys the Park, playing with his friends and meeting new ones.
I love it because we can take him off his lead and let him run about and play. Even lay in the grass and enjoy the sun.
I heard only one complaint about Barkely Gardens and that there is no place to sit. Well, I have to say I agree.
This way we are interacting with the furry baby and making sure he stays out of trouble. And since the Garden closes at Sunset, this stops people from hanging out after dark.
So many of us who like in Ghent are apartment dwellers and don't have backgrounds for our pets to run and play. So I think it is amazing and very good of the City of Norfolk to allow us to have a place for our pets. It is one of the things I love about Ghent; she makes all of her residents feel welcome.
Even the four-legged ones.
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