Monday, 18 June 2012

Our Little Butterfly

First, I would like to thank the wonderful person who send money for Monti we can buy his medication. Such a blessing and from the Reel Tribe we thank you and May the Holy One Bless you and your household for your kindness thus us. Tomorrow morning, we will go to the Vet's.
Mark and I were out today, running a few errands, taking Monti with us. And as always, he was the center of attention.
"I love his little ears!" is the most common remark. When I remark that is the hallmark of the Papillion, the butterfly like ears, people say they can see that.
Today we met a young woman who, when I told her Monti was a Papillon, she asked, "is he a pure breed Papillon?" and I answered yes, she said she had never seen one before.
Papillons are not really a commen dog for Virginia, I'd seen only other than Monti. I think that is one of the reasons he sticks out.
Plus he is just so dare cute.
Monti is feeling better. He is eating his dog food from our fingers and this evening, he even ate some of my chicken. We are getting him out to walk more and since the weather is nice, we allow him just to sit outside and  enjoy the sun.
This afternoon, before I took my nap, I was laying across the bed reading. Monti came and laid next to me. He looked at my book, then at me and then back at my book and began reading.
Yeah, he is feeling.
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