Sunday, 17 June 2012

Potty Training

It has been a rough few days.
Mark's PTSD kicked in Friday and I found myself in the battle of my life, praying for my husband who had not only shut me out, but wanted to die.
Why am I sharing this? Because many of our Veterans have these deep, unseen wounds. They struggle with every day life and things like no money, no job and the threat of losing their homes only add to the stress.
A friend of my said to me one day; "I just don't understand, Laini. Why can't businesses be made to hire our Vets. Why aren't jobs waiting for them? This is so wrong. Mark has given so much to this nation and this is how America repays him????"
Well, when the President can go to Hollywood and raise millions for his campaign fund, but can't stir up for the men and women who serve under him......
Anyway, after much prayer and talking, Mark is doing better. I just have to keep loving him through this.
Monti is eating more and more, but we still have to encourage him to do so. The Vet said this is part of his growing older; not wanting to eat as much. I am hoping once he gets his medication, he will start eating more.
However, Monti is now beginning to have accidents in the house. I had read several weeks ago this could happen and here we are. So now we are learning to deal with canine incontinence.
Again, my mummie/nursing skills are kicking in. I have notice Monti needs to go out every five hours. So we have to time this so that his little badder is retrained to wait until he gets outside. Because he an UTI, this will lead to incontinence. There are oilmets, doggie pads and even doggie nappies that can help.
But I can't imagine Monti allowing me to put him in a nappy...
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