Sunday, 24 June 2012

Thank You, Mummy

Boker Tov:
Yesterday, I began another year on this good earth. As I have done for years, when I opened my eyes, I gave thanks to the Creator, to My Creator, for the gift of life. I came to be because of His will.

Thursday amoug the birthday cards I received, there was one from my mother. A Thomas Kincaid of course. Inside the card, she enclosed a bit of cash as a gift, adding to the note: "I just  wish it was more." More?
The next morning, I called her and said the following:
" Mummy, you wanted a child, you wanted me. You went through great lenghts to even conceive me. I was both a Choice and Life in your eyes. On 23th June, you laid down your life for that I could be born. You gave me life. You gave me a name you thought beautiful. You taught me to walk and talk,  to sing and dance. You taught me to read and write and taught me to colour within the lines, but not to be afraid to colour outside the lines and later to write my own stories and create my own pictures. You taught me when I fall down, to get back up and never stop trying. That anyone who can't accept me as I am and doesn't wish to be my friend, that is was their lost, not my. You gave me the ladder to reach for the stars. Even during those times I made a mess of things, made wrong choices, you loved me through them.You taught me how to pray and how to read and study the Bible. Through the example of your life, you gave me faith. You instilled a love of reading and learning, of G-d, His Word, His people. In your eyes, smile and touch I felt G-d, and it took many years for me to realised the precious treasures you have given me. You even told me Mark was the One; you knew he loved me before I did.  You have given me the most precious of gifts, my life. Given me more? You have given me the best."
For years, I have not only thanked G-d, but also my mother for giving birth to me. My birthday is just as much her day as it is mine.
When my sister and I were little girls, mummy would wake us on our birthday with kisses and singing Happy Birthday. Today, she calls us and still sings that special song. Both Eileen and I agree it is still the highlight of our birthday. Mummy rejoices in the fact that G-d has allowed her to live long enough to see us grow into women, marry, have children, even grandchildren. And we give thanks she is still with us. That I can still pick up the phone and hear her sweet voice.
Mark was a little down because he couldn't even give me a birthday cupcake.
But I can tell he is up to something...
When isn't he?
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